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Документальное кино.

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Русская бвня / Russian sauna.

Документально-постановочный фильм рассказывает о традиционной русской бане. Мы видим зимние народные обычаи - праздник Нового Года с хороводами, балалайками, самоваром и сам процесс посещения бани с паром и вениками.
Documentary-staging the film tells the story of a traditional Russian sauna.
Россия, киновидеостудия Артникс.
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Liebte der Osten anders? - Sex im geteilten Deutschland / Do Communists Have Better Sex? 2006.

Документальный фильм с провокационным названием исследует тонкую тему о том где, в какой части Германии, секс был лучше - в Восточной или Западной. После окончания Второй мировой войны условия были равными, но затем возвели "железный занавес" и - что изменилось в постельных делах немцев?
DE. Ein Film über Sex im geteilten Deutschland und die Frage, auf welcher Seite des Eisernen Vorhangs man „besser“ war. 40 Jahre Trennung haben vielerorts Spuren hinterlassen – auch in deutschen Schlafzimmern. Am Ende des zweiten Weltkriegs waren die Ausgangsbedingungen gleich. Vier Jahrzehnte später jedoch hatte sich alles verändert.
EN. This is about sex. About sex in Germany and who, on which side of the Iron Curtain, was better at it. At the end of the Second World War, Germans shared the same culture, lifestyle, morals. But four decades later, everything had changed. Forty years of division left their mark in many places—including the beds of the German people.
Режиссёр: André Meier .
Германия, 2006.
Язык: немецкий.
Субтитры: английские.
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Newton - Pubertet. 2015. Mini-series 1-8.

Новый норвежский документальный образовательный минисериал вызвавший неоднозначную реакцию у телезрителей. Всего 8 коротких серий, подробности ниже на английском.
NO. Newton er et naturvitenskapelig program for aldersgruppen 8-12, men på NRK Super sin app er det fri tilgang for alle.
Newton NRK mener de bedriver kunnskapsformidling på barnas premisser. Foreldre reagerer på at barn i alle aldre har fri tilgang.
EN. Newton is a scientific program for the age group 8-12, but on NRK Super's app is the free access for everyone.
List of episodes:
1. Hvordan begynner den? / How Does It Start?
In 2015 it is quite common to reach puberty sometime between 8 and 15 years of age, and usually the girls earlier than the guys. But why and how does it all start?
2. Pupper / Tits.
They can be round, pointed, large, small, firm or hanging. Tits is the theme of this episode of Newton's series on puberty. What is happening with tits when girls reach puberty, and why does it happens?
3. Guttetissen / Boy Genitals.
When guys are small, the penis has one function - it is used to pee with. But during puberty, it gets another function too. What happens to the penis when boys reach puberty, and why is this happening?
4. Hår på kroppen / Hair.
You may have heard that you get more hair during puberty? No, your hair was there all the time, but suddenly it becomes completely different.
5. Kroppsvekst og stemmeskifte / Body Growth and Voice Change.
One of the last things that happens during puberty, the voice changes and gets lower. This is because the larynx grows. But before this happens, there is much else in the body that has grown.
6. Jentetiss og mensen / Girl Genitals and Menstruation.
When girls reach puberty, the ovaries begin to produce sex hormones. When it starts, this is what happens with the body of the girls.
7. Kviser og svette / Pimples and Sweat.
In puberty, the skin changes, and it has often means pimples and perspiration odor. What is it that makes this suddenly becomes a problem when you reach puberty?
8. Sex og sånn / Sex and stuff.
The appearance and characteristics of the body change during puberty, and the purpose is to enable us to make children - if we have sex. But before you start having sex, you might want to become acquainted with yourselves.
Programleder: Line Jansrud.
Норвегия, 2015.
Язык: норвежский, без перевода.
Download Newton - Pubertet. 2015. Mini-series 1-8:


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